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Technical Presentation Schedule

Friday 7/24 SALON C&D Westcliff A&B
0800-1130  Noise Figure, Gain Measurement & Antenna Range
0800-1130 Parking Lot: Rover Row/Dish Bowl
1300-1400 VHF Equipment Limitations in Crowded Band Environments, Rob Sherwood, NC0B
1400-1500 1.2GHz 700W Tropo Scatter, Path Losses and Long Haul DX, Lauren W0LD   VHF101 PART A
1500-1600 SDR and Synthesizers, Steve Hicks N5AC  VHF101 PART B
1600-1700 Ducting on microwave bands, Wayne N6NB
Saturday 7/25 Salon C&D Westcliff A&B
0830-0900 DSES Haswell, CO Dish Presentation,
Myron, KL7YY
0900-1000 Microwave Satellite Opportunities that will change Amateur Radio, Robert McGwier, N4HY
1000-1100 Portable Stations to do Summits on the Air, Bob, K0NR
1100-1130 Falkland Is DXPededition, Marshall, K5QE 1/2HR SLOT
LUNCH Lunch Speaker, Joel Harrison, W5ZN
1300-1400 The Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) and the June 2015 ARRL VHF Contest, Duffey, KK6MC
1400-1500 Mid Latitude E Skip, Jim K6MIO/KH6
Sunday 7/26  Westcliff A&B
0830-1130 VHF102
1300-1600 VHF102