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Call for Papers

49th Annual CSVHFS Conference
Call for Papers

The Central States VHF Society, Inc. is soliciting papers, presentations, and Poster displays for the 49th Annual CSVHFS Conference on 23–26 July, 2015. Papers, presentations, and Posters on all aspects of weak-signal VHF and above amateur radio are requested. You do not need to attend the conference, nor present your paper, to have it published in the Proceedings. Posters will be displayed during the two days of the Conference.

Antennas including Modeling/Design, Arrays, and Control; Test Equipment including Homebrew, Using, and making measurements
Construction of equipment, such as Transmitters, Receivers, and Transverters Operating including Contesting, Roving, and DXpeditions
RF power amps including Single and Multi-band Vacuum Tube and solid-state Propagation including Ducting, Sporadic E, Tropospheric and Meteor Scatter, etc.
Pre-amplifiers (low noise) Digital Modes WSJT, JT65, etc.
Regulatory topics EME
Software-defined Radio (SDR) Digital Signal Processing (DSP)



Non-weak signal topics, such as FM, Repeaters, packet radio, etc., are generally not considered acceptable. However, there are always exceptions. Please contact the folks below if you have any questions about the suitability of a topic.

Strong editorial preference will be given to those papers that are written and formatted specifically for publication, rather than as visual presentation aids.


There are optional templates available to help you format your paper into one or two column formats. The templates can be downloaded by clicking on one of the links below:
One-column or Two-column

Deadline for submissions:

For the Proceedings: Wednesday, 22 April, 2015
For Presentations delivered at the conference: Friday, 26 June 2015
For Posters, Please NOTIFY US by: Friday, 26 June 2015 Bring your poster with you for setup on the 23rd of July.


John Maxwell, W0VG w0vg@arrl.net

USPS Mail:

John Maxwell, W0VG
12244 Applewood Knolls Drive
Lakewood, CO 80215


  • Electronic formats
  • Via email
  • Upload to a web site or “cloud” server for subsequent downloading
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, Etc.
  • On physical media (CD/DVD, USB stick/thumb drive)